Nerello Mascalese

Tutti i vini


A vineyard facing the sea with Etna at its rear. Its soils are rich in organic matter merged with volcanic ash. Centenary vines rest, almost as if after a day's work, upon the characteristic chestnut wood stakes. Nerello Mascalese is normally harvested in the second half of October. The ritual of waiting is prolonged in the cellar and repeated on tasting which should be carried out slowly so as to capture every detail of the Reseca as it comes alive in the glass.

The vineyard

Vigna Poggio extends for about two hectares in the hamlet of Monte la Guardia in the municipality of Randazzo on the northern side of Etna. The century-old vines, grown as saplings with a density of 10,000 vines per hectare and supported by characteristic chestnut wood, extend over lava stone terraces in a unique and evocative landscape. The unique forest vegetation that surrounds it completely makes it a secluded habitat with unique microclimatic characteristics, which combines with an unusual availability of organic matter, completely melted into the volcanic ashes.

The vines

Nerello Mascalese is alocal vine, native to Etna, which owes its name to that of the Mascali Plain, which stretches on the slopes of the volcano towards the sea. It is a vine that, together with the high altitude and the lava soils of Etna, is clearly detached from the southern stereotype, reminiscent of Nebbiolo in some respects, and Pinot Noir in others. Transparent and dazzling to the eye, with pale ruby notes that, as the terroir changes, take on more or less dark nuances, its fruit is small and red with a sharpness and very refined tannins, as well as a noticeable, but gentle, acidity.

Vinification and refinement

The grapes harvested in the second half of October are vinified as red wine and undergo a long maceration of the must with the skins at a controlled temperature. After malolactic fermentation, the wine is racked into small 225-litre barrels where it remains for about 24 months. Bottling is followed by a period of refinement in the bottle of variable length, depending on the year, of at least two and up to three years.

Food and drink pairings

Refined and characterful at the same time, Reseca offers soft aromatic hints, to be enjoyed slowly so as to catch the most precious details as the wine regains life as it is aerated in the glass. With an agile structure, and simultaneous firm tannic texture, this wine is best paired with dishes with uncomplicated dishes with a decisive taste. It goes well with game or the most prized cuts of meat, such as pheasant breast with truffle or chamois rumpsteak in walnut and blueberry sauce. Excellent, also, with large pasta shapes with a meat sauce.

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