It is our goal to safeguard our land. To preserve and hand down our heritage, for over 2000 years throughout history, culture and hard work, to provide our children with a land which is complete in its immense beauty and richness.

We are committed to be the guardians of our territory and to continue a viticulture that respects the environment and is in balance with the ecosystem that surrounds it. The native vines, which have been adapted to these lands for centuries, the non-irrigated cultivation of plants and organic agriculture are, for us, essential to respect what we have inherited.

The value of organic farming

Gulfi wines are the expression of three different areas that represent a unique and unrepeatable heritage. What unites the entire Gulfi production is a millenary tradition of workmanship combined with modern knowledge.

A link between history and current wine production that aims to achieve balance in the relationship between man and territory, the harmony between vigor and environment, the balance of aromas and sensations in the glass. A coherent path, from the land to the bottle, implemented through the application of organic viticulture and non-invasive winemaking.

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