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NEROBUFALEFFI is a classic cru of the Nero d'Avola grape variety of Pachino. Production area: Val di Noto, the territory between the communes of Pachino and Noto in southeastern Sicily

VIGNA BUFALEFFI extends for about 2,5 hectares in an area the same name at 50 meters above sea level in the Val di Noto (Syracuse) in the renown region of Pachino located at the southeastern-most tip of Sicily. This vineyard is distinguished by the particular variability of the highly colorful soil composed of black clay, white limestone and red sand. The Mediterranean climate in this southeastern corner of Sicily, further south than Tunis, is temperate-hot. The planting density is 7,000 vines per hectare grown ad alberello. The vines are over 35 years old with a yield of no more than 40 quintals per hectare.

STORAGE METHOD: horizontal in a cool place at a constant temperature not exceeding 18°C

AGING: ages well, becomes more austere and mature five to six years after vintage

Accompaniments: This is the wine in which the lively tartness of the Nero D'Avola is at its cleanest. With time, of our red crus, it is that which tends to show the greatest elegance, perfectly integrating the contribution from the oak becoming a magnificent red for elaborated, intense fish dishes or dishes with wild mushroom and/or fatty meats in all types of preparation


Nero d'Avola, grape variety, sometimes incorrectly referred to as Calabrian (from the region of Calabria), is considered as the most typical and representative red grape of Sicily, excluding the territory of Etna. The incorrect name Calabrian is an "Italianization" of the word in old Sicilian dialect, "Calaurisi" which actually means, 'grape of Avola.'
The Nero d'Avola was selected for cultivation by grape-growers of Avola (Siracusa) several hundred years ago and spread to the commune of Noto (SR), the provinces of Ragusa and Caltagirone, and recently throughout the rest of the island. When cultivated to yield a low quantity of fruit per vine this grape variety is capable of expressing the characteristics of important aged red wines. An aroma of red fruit and typically "sweet" tannins that persist after many years are the most significant components. At the same time, this grape also lends itself well to the production of young and novello wines of a suggestive red and violet-tinged color, highly pronounced aroma of red fruit (plum, blackberry) and smooth tannins.



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